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Privacy Policy


South Shore Furniture (South Shore Industries ltd.) values your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. Since we obtain certain information about you through our services, including the South Shore Furniture website, we believe it is important that you understand how we collect, use, disclose and store this information in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.


Scope and application

What does this policy consist of and how is it applied?

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") summarizes our privacy practices. This Policy applies to all personal information collected, processed, or stored by South Shore Furniture, whether collected electronically or in other formats.


South Shore Furniture reserves the right to change this Policy at any time without notice. The most current Policy will be posted on our website, indicating when it is effective and when it was last updated. In the event of material changes to this Policy, a notice will be posted on the home page of our website. If you continue to use our website after such changes take effect, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes. We recommend that you review this Policy regularly.


Personal data collected


What personal information may South Shore Furniture collect about me?

South Shore Furniture collects personal information that you voluntarily provide when you use our services (collectively the "Services"). The Services include but are not limited to: accessing our website, including completing a form, sending e-mails, using chat rooms, or communicating with South Shore Furniture by telephone. Information collected for the purpose of sending e-mail will be collected in accordance with our e-mail policy1.


Personal information collected by South Shore Furniture may include your first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, contact information and any other information you provide to us on a voluntary basis.


When you access our website, we may collect information about your use of our Services in accordance with this Policy. This information may include your IP address, the type of device and operating system you use to access our website, your browsing behavior on our website, including where and when you visit our website, the features you use and the sections you visit.


1. South Shore Furniture communicates with its subscribers by e-mail based on expressed or implied consent, obtained in accordance with Canada's Anti-Spam Act (S.C. 2010, c. 23). Implied consent may arise, for example, from an ongoing business relationship with consumers on the South Shore Furniture site, in which case only e-mails related to the ongoing transaction will be communicated.


Use of your personal information


What does South Shore Furniture use my personal information for?

We only use personal information that is necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in this Policy or otherwise disclosed at the time of collection.


We use your personal information to:

• Handle your requests appropriately; 
• Identify you as a user and allow you to access your account and our Services; 
nos Services; 
• Allow you to make a purchase or order via our Services;
• Establish and maintain our business relationship with you; 
• Communicate with you when you submit questions, comments or suggestions; 
• Prevent error and fraud; 
• Provide you with the information and materials you request; 
• Honor the applicable warranty on our products;
• Communicate with you in the event of a product recall;
• Meet legal requirements.

We may collect, analyze, and use your personal information for business purposes such as: 

• Tracking sales and account credits; 
• Obtaining marketing-related statistics;
• Evaluating your interests and consumption habits when using our Services.


We collect and use personal information to provide you with personalized offers and to show you content curated to your interests, to the extent permitted by applicable laws. In accordance with our E-mail Policy, we may use your personal information to send you promotional or informational e-mails regarding South Shore Furniture and its partners' activities or news, always with the goal of providing you with the best possible service.


Disclosure of your personal information

South Shore Furniture complies with applicable laws on consent and ensures that consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information (e.g., first name, last name, street address, etc.) is manifest, free, informed and given for specific purposes.

However, it is possible that your personal information may be used or communicated to agents, service providers or consultants, without your consent, whether for purposes compatible with those for which it was collected, for the prevention and detection of fraud, for the supply or delivery of a product or service requested by the person concerned, or for the purposes of studies, research or the production of statistics, and that this information has first been de-identified.


For example, but not limited to, without your consent, South Shore Furniture may share your personal information with a third party involved in processing payments, managing shipments and returns, or providing customer service.

Such agents, service providers and consultants will agree to use personal information disclosed to them only to provide specific services, to maintain confidentiality in accordance with this Policy and to return or destroy such personal information upon termination of the business relationship. Any breach or attempted breach of these confidentiality obligations while under the control of agents, service providers and consultants shall also be brought to the attention of South Shore Furniture.


Whenever South Shore Furniture is required to disclose personal information about you, we will endeavor not to disclose more information than is required under the circumstances.

Further information about the disclosure of your personal information is available upon request. See the "General information and how to enforce your rights" section of the Policy for contact information.


Cookies and web beacons

How is my personal information collected?

We use an element of your browser called a "cookie" to recognize your computer. A cookie is a small data file that a website stores on a user's device when a webpage is loaded. It is used to retain information about a person's interactions with the site, such as an identifier, browsing session information or user preferences.


We may also use conversion pixels. A conversion pixel is a small piece of code inserted into our website that enables us to compile statistical data on our site's usage habits, such as how many clicks were recorded on a given link, ad, or zone.


Some of the cookies we use collect information about your use of our website and enable us to improve its operation, to find out which pages are most frequently visited and to analyze the effectiveness of our advertising. Other cookies make it easier for you to navigate the site by collecting, for example, the preferences you have selected and your location. Data collected through cookies and web beacons may be used by South Shore Furniture, its service providers, or partners in accordance with this Policy.


Where information is collected for statistical purposes, we may use Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect statistical data in aggregate form to analyze how users use our website. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable data. For more information about Google Analytics and its privacy policy, please read their privacy policy.

*Please note that when you click on a link and leave South Shore Furniture's virtual space, the information exchanged from that point on is no longer subject to South Shore Furniture's Privacy Policy, but to that of the site to which you are redirected. We invite you to read the privacy policy of the site in question.


Retention and security of your personal information

Is my personal information safe?

Your data is safe with us. We keep personal information secure and confidential within the applicable timeframes to meet our legal requirements. If you have any questions about the length of time we retain your personal information, you may contact us at the coordinates indicated in the "General information and how to enforce your rights" section of this Policy.


General information and how to enforce your rights

Can I access, correct or modify my personal information?

You have the right to know the purposes for which South Shore Furniture collects and processes personal information about you and to obtain information about its use, disclosure, retention, and disposal. You have the right to access, update or correct your information.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to the use and retention of your personal information by South Shore Furniture, request the deletion of outdated or irrelevant personal information, or object, where permitted by law, to the use or disclosure of your personal information by South Shore Furniture. In such a case, however, you may no longer be able to access all or part of our Services or some of their features. Upon request, we will provide you with your personal information, when collected electronically, in a structured and commonly used technological format.


To exercise your rights as described above, to make a complaint regarding this Policy, or if you have any questions or comments regarding this Policy, you may contact the privacy officer, our Vice President IT, by e-mail at [email protected], at 1 800 463-6090, or by mail at the following address:

6168 rue principale
Sainte-Croix (Québec) G0S 2E0

South Shore Furniture will respond to all requests promptly within 30 days of receipt of a written request. In the event of a refusal to provide or correct information, South Shore Furniture will provide you with the reasons for its refusal and the sections of the applicable law that support its refusal, subject to the limitations set out in the law, and we will inform you of your recourse.

For more information on the protection of personal information on the Internet, please visit the websites of the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Policy updated June 16, 2023