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Acting now

for a better future

We are constantly changing and refining our practices to integrate the key principles of sustainable development. That's why we are taking steps to ensure the prosperity of our business while protecting the health and safety of our communities and the environment.

Carbon Footprint

Goodbye waste,

hello success!

Reducing our residual waste is a major challenge requiring a shared effort. We firmly believe that every action counts, no matter how small. Here are our latest initiatives;

  • 85% recycling rate in our factories

  • 800,000 sheets saved by reducing paper waste (equivalent to 98 trees!)

  • 20,400 trees saved by using 100% recycled corrugated cardboard in our packaging

  • 177 tons (25 elephants!) of waste avoided since 2020 thanks to the recycling of transport pallets


Did you know?

Our particleboard is made from 40% recycled materials

With the aim of reducing our ecological impact and recycling materials, 40% of the wood particleboard used to manufacture our furniture is made from recycled materials.

Recycled materials


our community

Hand in hand with the charitable foundation of the same name, South Shore Furniture is involved in its community by supporting various causes that correspond to its values and are close to the hearts of its employees. From Canada to Mexico and the United States, local initiatives are undertaken year after year.

To name only a few, here are some of our recent achievements:

  • Furnishing of 15 social housing units in collaboration with Banque de Meubles Québec

  • Donation of furniture to Ukrainian refugee families

  • Participation in the Soirée Vitalité organized by the Coaticook MRC

  • Donation of furniture to help disaster victims in Waverly, Tennessee, in collaboration with Good360


Investing in our


To ensure that our people are valued, our ethics and authenticity respected, and our skills developed, we have set up several programs and committees to encourage best practices in human resources management.

  • Creation of an Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee

  • Implementation of an internal LEAD program to provide employees with all the development tools they need to create a growing culture of human performance and empowerment

Investing in our people