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About Us!

It's not about us. It's about you.

How do our ideas come to life? Easy: from life.

Gabrielle has storage issues. Serious storage issues. Our job is to come up with fun and functional ways to help her hide all that beautiful clutter.

South Shore team members share their everyday design issues all the time. From home offices that work overtime to a kid’s room that’s becoming the kids’ room, the design challenges of our own lives never fail to serve up fresh inspiration.

Design for design's sake is fashionable. Design for life's sake is essential.

Some people bring their work home with them, but our designers are more inclined to bring their home to work. They grapple with the same design challenges that you do, and that pushes them to create pieces where form meets function, and compliments are always on the table. We use 3D printing technology to ensure that the designs we have in our minds and on our screens come together seamlessly in the real world.

World class equipment. Local manufacturing.

People are at the heart of South Shore, but we’re also equipped with highly sophisticated tools to deliver quality products. 

We have 1.4 million square feet of manufacturing and distributing space all across North America. We’re proud to create furniture — and jobs — in communities near you.

Life can get messy sometimes. Our furniture can take it.

We make sure that our furniture stands up to the challenges of real life. We assemble every piece in house before sending it off so that, when it’s your turn to put it together, you can feel like a DIY pro.

Protect your pieces is a major priority.

We go to great measures to protect our pieces so that they will get to you safely. One test we do involves dropping them 23 times. That’s what we like to call tough love.

Homeward bound across North America.

We work with quality suppliers to deliver our pieces to homes across North America. But if something happens en route that damages your item, just give us a call and we’ll make it right.

We really are here for you quickly and at every steps.

At South Shore, we don’t like cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to furniture designs, and the same goes for customer service. Need step-by-step assistance to put your bed together? Let’s Skype. Not sure where to put your new desk? Give us a call. We will always go out of our way to help, from the design stage all the way to delivery and assembly.

We don’t do what we do for praise, but sometimes we get it anyway. Thanks again, Sarah. Your letter and gift made our day.

" You dealt with an issue so quickly, logically, and without hassle when I couldn't get help from the company I purchased the item through. "

Do you do some of your best shopping in the evening when you finally have a minute to yourself? We make shopping online for furniture and decor simple every step of the way.