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Mates Bed With Bookcase Headboard Set

Reevo SKU #11250


Color : Pure White


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• A BED MADE FOR A CHILD’S ROOM: Every detail was thought out in creating a piece of furniture that’s exactly right for a kid’s room. This set gives you storage space, a “reading zone,” and, above all, a cozy bed for a good night’s sleep.

• STORAGE UNDER THE BED: Storage is now within your kids’ reach. The three large drawers included with this bed will be a great help when uncluttering the room. Each drawer can have its own function: one for DIY, another for clothes or costumes, and the third one for sheets, warm blankets, and cuddly toys.

• A PRACTICAL HEADBOARD: You can use the three storage spaces in the headboard to create a “reading zone” next to your kid’s bed. Arrange those favorite books and pass the cord of a small light through the hole made for that purpose, to create just the right ambiance for tucking your little honey in.

• REVERSIBLE DRAWERS: The drawers can be placed on the left or right side of the base – depending on what you prefer – during assembly. So you can adapt this piece to your decor and the current bedroom layout.

• BOX SPRING OPTIONAL: Save money and space, since you don’t have to get a box spring. You can put the mattress right on the bed base.

A bed in a timeless style, for a kids’ room

Once you have it in your home, you’ll never want to be without this bed base, combined with a bookcase headboard. This set is a “match made in Heaven” – it’s simple, functional, and designed in an elegant style with clean lines that work with almost any decor. We all know that kids’ tastes change over time. Just like that, Pokémon is no longer cool and having friends over can quickly be a problem. The timeless Contemporary design of this bed base means you can redecorate the room without having to change all the furniture!

Reversible drawers that your kid will find easy to access

The three drawers under the bed are ideal for adding more storage without the need for another chest or an extra night stand. Because they’re reversible, you can install these drawers on whichever side you like so they work with the current layout of your kid’s room. Another plus: the drawers are set low, which is perfect for your small fry! Whatever you want to put in them – toys, DIY supplies, books, sheets, or clothes – it’ll all be neatly organized under the bed so you free up space for all sorts of activities. What a great feeling watching them play, pull out costumes, and do crafts, knowing your little honey can reach the drawers under the bed to put everything away!

Your choice of books when tucking in your little one

The headboard (included) is a great way to set up a “reading zone,” so you can lull your poppet to sleep with a story. The three storage spaces are perfect for books, stuffed toys, and a small light. The cord of the lamp can be passed through the little hole made for that purpose, so it’s hidden behind the bed. A simple thing, but it makes all the difference in creating an ambiance that invites sleep.

Material and care

• Laminated Particleboard
• Wipe with a dry cloth
• This product is made in North America

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