Crea Craft Table

Make room for happy hobbies

  • Large work surface
  • Easy-to-access storage spaces – some open, some closed
  • Storage space on either side designed as interchangeable modules
  • All surfaces are laminated, so you can also place this worktable in the centre of a room so every side is visible

One table

A ton of activity choices!

One table

A ton of possible configurations!

The perfect trio

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Designed by Annie Lavigne

SKU #7550727

Craft Table


Pure White
Natural Maple


Whatever you’re into - be it handicrafts, sewing or jewellery making - every artist needs a dedicated work space. This worktable from the Crea collection means you can set up your own creative space, so you'll no longer need to use the kitchen table and put everything away when you’re done. With its neutral finish and simple lines, this table goes well in any room. So you can spend more time being creative and less time organizing your space and putting things away.
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