Plan for holiday guest

Plan for holiday guest!

The holiday season is almost upon us – with a whole new round of parties, and evenings stretching into the wee hours. Here are the essentials for entertaining and making sure your guests are comfortable… all through the evening, and into the next morning if they stay the night.

Coffee & End table

If you’ve decided on a cocktail buffet format – small bites throughout the evening – the fun time will last longer if you have a good sized accent table that’ll hold a lot of plates… and people have a place to set their glasses down while they eat. Most of our coffee tables have a water resistant finish – because those little spills are a part of life. Does your taste lean more toward Modern, Industrial, or Scandinavian? We have coffee tables for every decor!

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After a great meal, people head for the living room to enjoy more conversation or play some fun games. Keep the evening going by making sure they’re comfortable! However large – or small – your living room may be, our Live-it Cozy collection has a range of sofas in various sizes for you to choose from. We even have a sectional with storage space that you can convert into a sofa-bed at night.

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So it’s late at night and your guests have a long way to go, their eyelids are drooping, or the weather is getting worse. Make sure you’re ready for anything! You may want to invite them to stay the night… and a great looking blanket from our Lodge collection will keep them nice and warm. They’re sure to sleep soundly through the night, wrapped in sheets with a design inspired by a mountain lodge ambiance.

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