Why should you trust your children to decorate their bedroom?

by Thihaly Lemay


We have given free rein to children between 5 and 13 years old to create the bedroom of their dreams! From the color choices to furnishing and decorative accessories, those children had to decide everything from A to Z.

We were at the begining quite bewildered! Just like their parents, we were worried and a little concerned about the results... especially seeing their inspiration! ;)

Beatrice's inspiration (7 years old)

The results are however surprising!


Your children definitely have good taste! Their decor are amazing.They did not only create a bedroom that reflects their tastes and personnality, but it's just as lovely. They achieved to design a practical room in a harmonious and colorful decor. 


The children were motivated and involved in every step of the creation: from the decoration, to the more difficult tasks as painting. We easily trusted those kids because of their very high level of participation. As soon as they felt the project was all theirs, they put all their energy in it!


Not only the kids were enthused about the idea of taking the lead of their bedroom's project, but they were just as proud at the end! The children were happy about their work and of course, they loved their new room. For them, it was a very important accomplishment. They were also very happy about all the trust we gave them. 


For your children, this experience is a wonderful occasion to let their imagination run wild and to develop their creativity. This also allows them to take some responsabilities in the process. 

As parents, it is also a good opportunity to let go. We only wish the best for them, but it is sometimes profitable to loosen up a little. Your kids are definitely capable of creating wonderful projects - let them show you!

And let's be honest, we could have never done better!

Let now Beatrice and Juliette, Nicolas and Valentina talk to you about their bedroom. 

Watch the video

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