Renovate your room at a low price

by Isabelle Bolduc

About me

Isabelle is a student, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in marketing communications at the Université de Sherbrooke. She is now doing her internship in South Shore Furniture’s marketing department.

Giving your bedroom a fresh new look can be an exciting project, but the expense is more than some budgets can handle. So here are a few low cost ideas for modernizing your cozy little nest.

Rearrange your furniture

Changing the layout is a simple way to completely transform the look of your bedroom – without spending a cent! Start with the bed, which is the focal point: you need to find the optimal place for it, preferably with a view of the window. You also need to declutter, getting rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Think simplicity! An uncluttered bedroom, stripped down to the essentials, is more restful and relaxing.

Paint the walls

Paint is a very affordable decor element. You can give your bedroom a highly energized look, or achieve the opposite effect by choosing softer, more neutral colors. Opting for less dazzling shades means your accessories can be much more colorful.

Change the lighting

Lighting is a key aspect of your bedroom. You can use string lights – either white or colored – to light up your bedroom… and they’re great for creating a more relaxing evening decor.

Paper the walls, and even the furniture

Wallpaper is a great way to add colors and textures to the room at a very low cost. You can even use it to restore your old furniture. It’s easy to combine different styles to create a more abstract, colorful look.

Replace your bedding

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so it should stand out. All it takes sometimes is a change of bedding, and you give your room a whole new look. It’s a pretty simple way to add a lot of color to a more neutral decor and give your bedroom a more dynamic look.

Go with an original headboard

Your bed is the first thing to draw people’s attention, so give it a unique touch. A headboard is ideal for a “value-added” room. You can use your imagination: drapes, stickers, hanging posters, paint, macramé, shelving, a new color palette, or even hang a rug. Anything’s possible!

Frame your pictures

Framed pictures are one of the most affordable ways to decorate a room. Instead of store bought, just print your own. There’s so much choice!

A rug for your feet

Hold off on that big flooring project. Adding rugs can hide all kinds of flaws… and they feel so much softer!

Storage space

A neat, orderly room always looks more attractive. Set up some storage space for yourself. Use rattan, metal, fabric, plastic, or cardboard baskets… and decorate them to suit your taste. The potential is endless!

*All pictures were found on Pinterest.