Organizing a baby shower

by Émilie Ouellet


Advice and decorating tips and tricks for a “baby celebration”

A baby shower is the main event held to celebrate the little one’s arrival and pamper the parents-to-be. Here are our best tips and advice for making it a unique event.

1 - Organization

The shower is usually organized by someone very close to the mom – a friend or relative. She coordinates and plans everything, and invites all the future parents’ friends and family. These days, some moms-to-be even organize their own baby shower.

We suggest you have the shower in the last trimester of the pregnancy, between Months 7 and 8, so you can better prepare for baby’s arrival without being too last-minute if a surprise early delivery happens. Plan the whole thing in advance and get someone to help you organize!

2 - Decorations

So you already know if it’ll be a boy or a girl, or the look being planned for the nursery? Why not use that theme for your shower decorations! Need inspiration? Here’s a piece on decorating tips for your shower.

3 - The format

There’s no specific baby shower format. The event should be a reflection of the parents-to-be. You can have it in the afternoon or go with a happy hour-type event, a brunch, a tapas night, or even a potluck, where everyone brings their specialty. Just choose whatever works best for you. What could be better than cookies and macaroons among friends? Just one thing, though: make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks for the mom-to-be. Check out our smoothie recipe here.

You could plan a few games for the shower or just have a few friends get together and exchange gifts. And why not have a symbolic game that’ll continue into the first few years of the little one’s life? Each guest writes a short message, which the child will receive when he or she reaches the age picked in a draw. Like our “message frame?” Here’s an easy tutorial for making one yourself.

4 – What to give?

Don’t forget the gifts! When we think of baby showers, we often have baby clothes or toys in mind, but who wants to get 4 sets of pink pajamas? Why not do things differently and chip in as a group to buy the essentials the parents will surely need? Here are our gift suggestions : mom-essentials

One thing to remember: Keep it simple – happiness is the simple things in life! Make room for what matters.

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