“Must-haves” for a trendy, well organized entryway

With the cold weather knocking on our doors, entryways can easily become cluttered with accessories. So we decided to...


“Must-haves” for a trendy, well organized entryway

by Maria Métivier


“Must-haves” for a trendy, well organized entryway

With the cold weather knocking on our doors, entryways can easily become cluttered with accessories. So we decided to come to your rescue! And it’s great timing, because at South Shore, we have everything you need to make your entryway trendy, yet convenient. So here are our 4 favorite items for a practical, stylish looking entryway.

The Acapella wardrobe armoire

If you don’t have a wardrobe or if it’s too small, we have THE solution for you: the Acapella wardrobe armoire. It’s a sure-fire winning configuration, with a space for hanging coats, three adjustable shelves that’ll meet all your needs, and two large drawers. The ideal piece for storing all your mittens, scarves, reusable shopping bags, handbags, and backpacks. Aside from being super-practical, the wardrobe armoire is trendy: the modern-contemporary style, with its straight, simple lines, will match your decor in the blink of an eye.

The Vito cubby storage bench

If you have young children, our Vito cubby storage bench is surely a must-have. You can sit your kids down to get them ready… and they’ll be at the right height for you to help them if they need it.

Here’s a small tip: To prevent your shoes, gloves, and neck coverings getting scattered all over your entryway, put them into a decorative basket and store it in the bench. Voilà: out of sight, out of mind!

Aside from adapting to your needs, the Vito cubby storage bench has a minimalist, contemporary design that’ll work with any decor. Add a cushion or two for more style, hang a mirror above it, put some hooks on the wall… and there you are – with a super-trendy entryway that’s practical for the whole family!

 The Liney console table

Whatever you need to store – your keys or your mail – the Liney console table will become your favorite entryway piece of furniture. Its two small drawers can discreetly hold all your little objects. You can even add a small bench or a pouf that you’ll find helpful when putting on your shoes or boots before heading out. Because the Liney console table is made of solid wood, it’ll add a touch of elegance to the entryway. Add a small decorative plant and voilà! No more running around in the morning to find your keys – you’ll be ready in a flash!

The Versa storage cabinet with baskets

You can now store your small objects and accessories in the same place. Our Versa storage cabinet gives you the perfect combination of open and closed storage. Use the small drawer to store your keys, while the cabinet with adjustable shelves can keep some items, like grocery bags or other bags, out of sight. And it comes with storage baskets, so your little ones can store their accessories themselves. When it’s time to get ready, they can just pull out their basket, then put it back once they’re done. It’s that simple!

The traditional style of the Versa storage cabinet with baskets features a neutral finish, decorative molding, and worked details, all of which help create a warm, cozy ambiance. It’ll be the perfect addition to your entryway.


 So having a well-organized entryway isn’t that hard – you just need the right furniture (and South Shore’s furniture is perfect for that). Don’t be shy: personalize your pieces by adding some decorative accessories. Whatever your style and your needs, your entryway will have the perfect mix of trendy and con