How to set up your nursery

by Émilie Ouellet


You want to give baby just the right welcome by setting up the perfect room – a place of comfort, well-being, and peace and quiet. Where should you start? What color should you paint the walls? What furniture should you choose? Here are our 4 decorating tips for setting up the nursery without too much hassle.

1– A soft, gentle decor

Go with soft decorative items, and choose natural materials and textures. Hand crafted pieces and luxury materials, such as wood, linen, wool, and rattan, will give you a decor featuring calm, delicate touches. Pick soft colors for the walls, in beige, cream, or pastel shades. Too many vibrant colors will overstimulate baby, while soft, cool shades will have a calming effect. Choose something original, using a few accessories to give the decor a lively touch. Accents in rust or yellow ochre, arranged in a peaceful, clear space, will create a dream nursery!

2 – Functionality comes first

Maximize your storage space by picking some baskets for the wardrobe and making the right choices for a chest, armoire, and changing table.

You can also get furniture that evolves as your child grows. Some changing tables come with a removable top, so you can convert the piece into a chest when your kid is older.  Some cribs can also become a transition bed. This type of furniture is practical and economical, since it evolves with your child to save you a lot of money when buying furniture.

Finally, assess the area of your room so you choose furniture adapted to your space – an overloaded space quickly becomes impractical.

3 – Comfort, please!

You obviously want a nursery that’s comfy for the little one, as well as Mom and Dad! Make sure baby is snug and warm – get him or her a cozy comforter, and buy a soft rug for your feet and furniture with rounded edges. Of course, you should opt for a comfortable rocking chair in soft, neutral colors that’ll be great for sleepy-time – especially during those rough nights ;P

4 – Give your decor a personal touch with a few of your own creations.

The things you make yourself will add personality to the room. Don’t underestimate your talents! Why not just hang some fabric covered embroidery hoops on the wall? There’s a lot of tutorials and DIY you can look at to make a mobile, toys for those early years, and wall decorations.