How to set up a bedroom for two kids: 4 successful advices

by Eve Ethier-Martel


If it's by necessity or by choice, we noticed a strong comeback of children's shared bedroom. As a matter of fact, shared bedrooms gained a lot in popularity particularly for their practical function. 

However, it is important to respect some basic rules in order to make it easier for your children to live together and for the space to remain user-friendly and personalized. 

Here are 4 advices to create a successful shared bedroom. 

1. Choosing the right beds

It does matter to select the appropriate beds for your kids' bedroom. Depending on their age and wishes, you could go with the traditional bunk beds or one that offers an under-bed play space. 

Fakto Collection

The loft beds are also an interesting idea to arrange a shared bedroom for brothers and sisters. Moreover, the mezzanine bed with an integrated desk provides the perfect work space for the older kids. This way, you are able to create two living space in one : a bedroom and a workstation. Because you need to take advantage of every available square meter!

Mobby Collection

Important fact: Health Canada recommend the child who sleeps on the top bed to be at least 6 years old. There should also be a climb up system (ladder or stairs) for the children to go up and down safely. 

You should also consider mates bed for your little ones or if you have a larger bedroom. This kind of bed provides underbed storage drawers, so you can conceal toys, books and small objects. 

Navali Collection

2. Seperate the bedroom

Even though the bedroom is shared, every kid needs (and deserves!) his own space, same if it's a unisex bedroom. If the bed choices can help you arrange two distinct zones in the bedroom, there are other solutions too. 

By choosing two shades, or two complementary colors to keep it harmonious, you will be able to mark off their space especially in a mixed bedroom. The light fixtures can also help creating different zones in a two kids' bedroom. 

Accessories like decorative pillows, bedding, frames or canvas can contribute to personalize each kid's place. You could try curtains, folding screens, movable partition walls (which you can build at low cost!) or, why not using furniture to maximize the entire space. 

DreamIt Collection

The double nightstand with two drawers, the 5-drawers dresser or the armoire could also be interesting options. A bookcase can also be very practical and cute. It can easily match the rest of the furniture you chose and allows to store your little one's book tales and favorite teddy bear! Because we never have enough storage!

Summer Breeze Collection and Storit Storage Basket

3. Use all available space

Did you know that you will need a lot of storage? You can use cute hooks on the wall for your children's bathrobes, shelves or handmade bookcases. The bed can also conceal hidden storage baskets and drawers. Some bed models have integrated drawers and a bookcase headboard : the best of both worlds!

Fynn Collection

Decorative baskets, chests or original wooden boxes (another beautiful craft project!) can be arranged strategically in the room to conceal toys. Then, if the shared bedroom's closet is big enough, you will be able to seperate the space for each kid with an appropriate storage solution depending on their age. 

4. Plan a common space

Every kid needs its own little space, but they also need a common space where they will be able to bond together, share laughters and come up with far-fetched plans, especially if there is a small age gap between them. 

The famous teepee with pillows and blankets is a forever winning choice. 


Sweedi Collection - coming soon

In this little bedroom's area, each kid can bring his personal touch by taking care of choosing a decorative accessory as a pillow or a carpet, a teddy bear or a funny printed comforter. 


DreamIt Collection - coming soon and Sweedi House Bed

This way, your children will feel a lot more involved in their shared bedroom's project, which will, of course, help them being happy in their room.