How to furnish your apartment at a low price

by Stéphanie Otis-Hovington


The start of September means the start of college. For some, this also means starting a new life… in a new apartment. And we all want to make our apartment a cozy nest. The problem, though, is that we have nowhere near the same budget as Mom and Dad. 

That doesn’t mean your apartment has to be empty and bland – far from it! There’s always a way to furnish and decorate without spending too much money. Here are a few essentials you shouldn’t do without. 

In the entry hall 

The entry hall in an apartment can quickly become a real mess… more so if you have roommates, and even more so if you don’t have a closet near your front door. Your shoes, coats, and winter accessories can quickly take up all the available space. 

Unlike what some people may think, entryway furniture isn’t really expensive. And it’s a really useful investment. It’ll make your apartment look neater and tidier. And for an even more splendid look, you can “dress up” the storage bench with cushions and wicker baskets. 

In the bedroom 
The dresser

The rooms in an apartment are rarely huge. You may not be able to bring in all your furniture from your parents’ home. If that’s the case, we suggest you choose a vertical dresser: they’re often a lot less pricy, have a smaller footprint, and give you just as much storage.  

Pro tip: If you already have a dresser of this size but it’s completely outdated, give it a little makeover! Sand the piece (if it’s made of wood) and paint it the color of your choice! It’s simple, quick, and cheap. 

The bed

Beds. There are so many types, for all tastes. The good news is, that it’s very easy to find full beds for less than $250. The key to success? Look for a bed frame with a simple design – i.e., not too much detail. Your bedding will make all the difference: It’ll add more style and make the bed the star of your room. For an even more complete look, add some decorative cushions! 


Bookcases are an excellent way to add storage in your apartment, while showcasing your decorative items. And it’s pretty easy to find some for less than $150. You can use it to store your textbooks and all the items you want near at hand. Add some frames and plants… and that’s it! 

TV stands

Choosing the right TV stand is important, since all eyes are on the screen during Netflix & chill nights. It’s also a great way to add storage to your living room. The good news is that several types of TV stands are available at a low price. Make a choice based on your preferences and your needs! 

No need to empty your wallet when decorating your apartment. Add some plants and vintage accessories, and you’re done. So you won’t be deprived of a comfy, welcoming home this year. Have a great school year, everyone!