How to decorate for the baby shower

by Émilie Ouellet


Spring is here… and baby’s about to make an appearance. You can organize a hassle free baby shower that reflects the season.

So how do you decorate?

We have some tips and tricks for a great looking décor, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

1 – Set up a dessert table.

Nothing looks better than cute little macaroons alongside some delicious white chocolate chip cookies!

No time to bake? Buy them at your local supermarket or the neighborhood bakery – you’ll find some great products either way. If a mother-in-law says she makes the best cookies, delegate!

Choose an Italian panettone type cake. It’s a delicious, low cost way to dress up your dessert table with something that even appeals to foodies. Just sprinkle icing sugar all over and serve with vanilla ice cream.

Use small wooden crates so your culinary creations stand out and you can use a neutral tablecloth.

2 – Wrap your gifts in recycled kraft paper.

You’ll reduce your environmental footprint, and the neutral tones blend perfectly with the decor, while adding a little “vintage” touch. LOOOOOVE IT! You can wrap your gifts using plain cord or string, or make your own attractive paper bows. Here’s a tutorial.

3 – Make a pennant of jute fiber.

Just cut out triangles in jute that you’ll find in any department store, and string them together.

4 – Add a little green.

Instead of colored balloons, arrange some pretty hand-picked or fresh flowers, along with stalks of greenery. You can also pin greenery around an embroidery hoop, for an attractive, very trendy decor.