How to create a Kinfolk decor in a children's bedroom?

by Émilie Ouellet


Let's get rid of the candy pink and the cluttered children's bedroom! Adopt the Kinfolk style in your kid's room for a trendy and refreshing decor. 

What is the Kinfolk style? The Kinfolk style comes from the "slow living", which is the art to live leisurely, to make ourself at home and good to us. But it's also about sharing it with people we love. It stands out mostly by its rural, raw and eclectic spirit. It celebrates traditions and focus what's truly important in life. The Kinfolk decoration is clean and soothing. 

Here are 5 tips to create a Kinfolk bedroom for your children. 

1. Highlight nature

By whether choosing succulent plants or wildflowers, expose your a green herbs in a vintage pot, a cute jar or on an embroidery hoop. Use the furniture or the shelves in order to keep them out of reach of young children.

Have fun using other nature products, as tree branches to hang clothes. Just welcome nature in your decor!

Catimini Cotton Candy

2. Use flower frames

You don't have the green thumb? Frame with flowers or plants' images and you got it! You only need to cut out pages from an old encyclopedia or print out some at home. Those are easy and so affordable decorations! It will remind of the Kinfolk's influences, which is being natural and simple. 

3. Choose natural fabrics

Look for natural materials like cotton, linen or wool for the bedding and its accessories. Blend different textures to create a warm and inviting ambiance in the room. 

Hang bohemian decorations like macramé's pieces to dress up the space. You can easily build some of those decorative elements yourself. 

Here is a rug craft idea. 

Summer Breeze Collection

In addition to the natural fabrics, your kids will love the softness of the velvet. It will bring a warm wave of comfort and a pleasant contrasting touch in the bedroom. 

Savannah Collection and Live-it Cozy Sofa, 1-Seat

4. Paint the walls in a light color

Light walls, as white and beige, are really common in the Kinfolk style. Those colors will shape a neutral and clean background where your furniture and your vintage decorations will be shown at their best. Moreover, lighter shades reflect natural daylight better than dark colors. There is nothing better to appease a room than when it's well lighted. 

Savannah Daybed

5. Include old decorative objects

Kinfolk style is all about going back to sources! Use vintage decorations or ask your family: an old teddy bear, a wooden horse, a homemade throw, etc. Shop around antique boutiques and look for forgotten treasures, you could make some beautiful finds!