How to choose a bed for your child?

by Eileen Lamb


It’s well known that sleep is vitally important for children’s development. After a good night of sleep, they’re more energetic and more attentive. It is therefore essential, then, for the health and well-being of everyone, that children have a peaceful bedroom in which to fall peacefully asleep.

My family and I recently moved and I had to shop for a new bed for my son, Charlie. This is his 4th bed and he is only 5 years old, so I’ve learned a lot through trial and mistakes! 

Here are my recommendations for choosing the ideal bed for your child.

Safety first!

What matters most when choosing a bed for my children is safety. There are standards to follow, but it’s also important to listen to your mom-instinct. I found several loft beds that looked very interesting, but the recommended minimum age is 6 years. Since Charlie is still young, I was looking for a lower bed that he could climb in and out of alone without fear of serious injury. It helps him feel autonomous and I can sleep more soundly without fear of him injuring himself.

Storage in the bedroom

Unless you have a mansion, it’s unusual to have too much storage space (or even just enough). While shopping, I stumbled upon amazing beds with storage drawers camouflaged under the bed, and I couldn’t resist! The drawers underneath are a must-have I’d not had before. I can put away puzzles and bed sheets, and extra soft toys Charlie might want nearby for sleep. Extra storage is always a good idea, especially with young kids. It limits clutter and disorder in their bedroom and teaches them independence because there’s a place for everything and they can clean easily when they’re done playing.

The style of the furniture

Tastes are personal. Some people opt for very trendy furniture such as industrial furniture, for example, and other choose something simpler that will never go out of style. As far as I’m concerned, I fell in love with the Summertime collection - the whole collection! I love the timeless look of the coordinated bedroom set. The drawer handles are interchangeable. When you receive the product, you can choose between a wood finish and a white finish. For now, I like the look of the wood better. It matches the vintage atmosphere that I’m going for in our new house perfectly.

Since Charlie has had this bed, he’s been sleeping through the night. Nothing makes me happier as we’ve just moved into a new home. Even during the day, he likes to take refuge on his bed to play or rest.

I hope that these advices will be useful so that you too can find the ideal bed for your kiddo! 

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