Home trend: the Kinfolk style

by Émilie Ouellet


Days are flying so fast and you happened to be looking for a way of “grounding” or “earthing”? Here’s why the Kinfolk style is getting so popular; it’s bringing us back to the sources in a rural ambience. This style will transform your house in a small safe haven.

The Kinfolk trend keeps growing up and will surely make his way strong in 2019. Which means now is the perfect moment to adopt it!

Here are several tips to create a warm and inviting Kinfolk vibes in your home.

1. Use antiquated furniture and natural material

Whether it is antiquity or old restored furniture, we are looking to create a simple look. For the accessories, the organic material like cotton, wool and linen will help creating a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

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2. Paint the walls in neutral colors

Prioritizing white shades on the walls will help accentuating the furniture and the accessories. It’s very common to vary other neutral tones, but it is also possible to add a little bit of color, as long as it remains appeasing.

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3. Honor foliage

Let’s bring nature inside with plants: eucalyptuses, leaves, flowers… It will bring literally life to your décor! Try to avoid the “too perfect” flower bouquets and make room for different assorted pots.

Kinfolk Ideas in a Children's bedroom

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