DIY: How to make a trendy and affordable mobile for your baby

by Émilie Ouellet


Wondering how to add a personal and gentle touch to your nursery? Here’s an easy tutorial that requires little but will soothe baby incredibly. No need to know how to sew to make it: it just takes a little time and love! You can easily adapt the colors to the rest of the bedroom decorations to create a trendy and harmonious decor.

To make this mobile, you will need:

• Hoop to embroider from 30 to 40 cm

• 1.5 mm of leather cord

• Cotton ribbon

• Scissors

• Wooden building block (they can be found in a dollar store)

• Wick (slightly wider than the leather cord used)

• Drill

• Color felt (ocher, gray, rust, beige) or any other color that inspires you

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1st step :

Drill holes in the building blocks with a drill bit that is suitable to pass the leather cord. Choose various shapes.

2nd step :
Make a template for your feathers on a sheet of paper as showed in the example below. Transfer the template to the felt and draw all around it. You will need two pieces of felt per feather. Make 5 feathers by alternating the colors and the template.

3rd step:

The assembly!

Take the embroidery hoop and divide it to insert the cotton ribbon. Attach it crosswise. It is the cotton ribbon that will allow you to install the mobile on the ceiling.

Then tie 5 cords of leather about 40 cm all around the ring. Secure the two parts of the hoop by tightening the screw securely.

Tie a knot in the leather cord 10 cm from the circle.

 Insert 1 or 2 wooden blocks of different dimensions and then tie a knot again.

Glue both sides of a feather (place outwards) to the end of each string using the glue gun.

Hang the mobile on the ceiling making sure that baby will not be able to reach it (safety first!)

And finally, let baby have the sweetest dreams.