by Émilie Ouellet

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About me

Three things I’m passionate about are photography, design, and DIY. Everything is a source of inspiration for me as I work to create trendy decors and ambiances on a tight budget! Welcome to my world!

How do you create an original work of art, to round out a unique decor? 


Looking for THE final touch to enhance your wall? Here’s an easy tutorial with a sure-fire way to add some personality to your decor… AND you can get the whole family involved! It’s an ideal activity for your little ones. 


  • Black paint – acrylic or water color type (depending on the results you want)


  • Black marker and pencil – we used a Sharpie for this project
  • Paper
  • Canvas cut to the size you want
  • A punch for making holes – minimum one inch. We used a 1½" punch.
  • Mod Podge, Matte finish
  • Brushes


1 – Use the marker to draw some rough abstract shapes (It’s time to bring out your inner artist!).

You can also alternate marker and paint – or just use paint… surprise yourself!

2 – Let dry as needed.

3 – Punch out around 20 circles from your sheets of paper.

4 – Stick the circles to the canvas in an alternating pattern, using the Mod Podge.

5 – Apply Mod Podge to the whole canvas. It’s an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish. Let it dry… and don’t worry – it dries clear!

6 – Hang your creation on the wall.

7 – Step back and admire your handiwork!