Decorative pillows are magic

by Sophie Drouin


I love to decorate! 

I am no designer, but I have my own taste and I trust myself enough to experiment.  What I like the most is when I create a WOW that doesn’t cost too much. However, over the years I have found some inexpensive tricks to add life or change the look of my décor.

One of my favourites being to mix & match decorative pillows.

Here are 4 rules to help you arrange pillows:

1. Identify and choose the dominant colors and the accent color.

In order to select the dominant color, look closely at your bedspread or your sofa. The dominant color will be the most present to the eye. 

Then, choose a complementary color that goes well with the dominant color, but also with your walls and furniture to make sure it remains harmanious. 

For a remarkable look, don't hesitate to go with a punchier color!

2. Determine the available space for the number of pillows

Depending on the size of your bed or your sofa, the number of pillow will vary. One single pillow would be appropriate for a chair or a small sofa, but oversized on a large king bed! Take time to search for the best sales. By searching closely, you could discover beautiful finds!

Tip: Do not exagerate with the number and size of the pillows to stay affordable and practical when you come to sit or lay down. For a sofa, keep in mind the pillow will stay in place while you sit. Before shopping, have a seat on your couch to measure the approximate available space for pillows. 

3. Find the pillow that will be the center element of your layout with your accent color. It could be a bit bigger than the others. 

Take time to shop! Visits more than one shop to find THE real gem. Since this pillow will also guide your choice for the other pillow, make sure to take the one you are crushing for. It will be the leader and reference for the other pillows. 

4. Search for complementary pillows, which will be in the same color accent or in the dominante color with a pattern.

Flash advices

  • If the duvet cover or the sofa features patterns, it would be nice to have at least one solid color pillow.
  • An odd number of pillows: it will be more balanced and allows to have a solid color pillow and two patterns pillows.
  • Be careful with the material textures! They will create different impacts on the kind of ambiance or style you want to create. For example, satin and velvet suppose elegance, while linen and cotton bring freshness and lightness to the room.

These 4 rules are meant to help you.

But you should always remember to trust your instincts and to have fun!