Decorate a bedroom affordably, it's possible!

by Thihaly Lemay


Redecorate with a small budget? There are no need to spend a fortune or to be a stylist to create a beautiful bedroom's decor. 

Here are our 5 simple tips to restyle a bedroom, for a small price!

1. Rearrange your furniture

The layout of your furniture is able to completely transform your bedroom. And the good news, it's free!

Start with your bed, the key element of the room. Preferably with a view of the window, make sure to keep enough space around the bed to ease your moves (minimum 60 cm).

Tip: Avoid placing the bed against a window to prevent colder seasons to disturb your night of sleep!

2. Repaint the walls

Paint is one of the most affordable decoration element. 

It brings dynamic vibes to your decor, at a very low cost. 

Our suggestions:

  • Using neutral colors, you will be able to choose more contrasting accessories which will be highlighted best. 

  • Paint the walls in a darker shade to create a cosier decor. You can also create an accent headboard by slightly changing the color tint. It is a wonderful alternative to wallpaper and of course, an economic solution. 

3. Replace your bedding

A new bedding set will give character to your decor. By changing the colors and textures or your bedding, it will transform the ambience and the style of your bedroom without having to replace all your furniture. 

You have many possibilities. From self color to more extravagant patterns, there is something for everyone.

Tip: Start with the bedspread. It will be easier then to accessorize the rest. 

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4. Have appropriate storage

A well organized bedroom is always more attractive. Cleaning your room won't cost you a thing! Store out of sight all non-aesthetic articles which will help renewing your bedroom. 

Moreover, sort out your decoration accessories and get rid of anything that is not trendy anymore. Take away the old-fashioned articles will make your bedroom look younger instantaneously.

An uncluttered bedroom is also a lot more convenient for rest and relaxation. 

Tip: You can add decorative storage baskets under your bed. 

There are many different storage solution, from functionnal to very discreet.

Try our Storage baskets, you will find them useful and super affordable to organize your drawers and bookcase. 

Storage furniture are also decoration in itself.

By choosing ready-to-assemble furniture, you will surely get more bang for your buck!




5. Dare the original headboard

Let your imagination run wild! An original headboard will bring a unique touch to your bedroom, as it will also add value to it without having to break your bank. 

Get yourself inspired from our stylists - they succeeded in creating decoration articles for a very small price! See their DIY article to create an original piece of art, or down below a scandinavian canvas.

Our suggestions

  • Dare different textures! From curtains, to wall decals or shelves for frames and canvas.
  • Paint a color accent wall as a headboard. Painting has always been a very affordable addition, while being refreshing and distinctive in a bedroom. Have fun creating clean lines or geometrical shape. 
  • Use unusual materials to build your headboard. Why not using some old wood farm or even wood pallet! It is easy to find and it won't cost you much. Recycling is profitable!