Bed's Guide: 3 good things to know before shopping

by Thihaly Lemay


There are all kind of beds and for all kind of tastes! Different sizes, models... it's easy to get lost in it. Before you get started with your research, learn more about beds so you can make the best choice!

Here are 3 good things to know to guide the purchase of your next bed. 

1. The different size of bed

Choosing the size of your bed, it's the first step. 

If you already have a mattress and that you decide to keep it, make sure to know the size of it before starting shopping. 

Here are the main standard mattress size available on the market

Consider the size of the room in your choice: measure up the available space directly in the bedroom. Don't forget to include your existing furniture (dresser, nightstand, etc.) in your room plan. 

Tip: Make sure to keep enough space around the bed to ease your moves. A minimum of 60 cm is recommended. 

2. With or without a box spring?

What is a box spring? It's a flat base ground that is flexible and firm at the same time on which rests a mattress. It could be made of springs, wooden slats, etc. 

What is it used for? A box spring helps to support the mattress. It cannot be used alone. 

So, with or without a box spring? There is no bad answer!

See the pros and cons related to use a box spring for your bed.


  • It contributes to the bed comfortness. A box spring is a weight shock absorber. It offers a larger variety of firmness than a mattress alone. 
  • It adds height to the bed. A box springs allows to raise the bed, enhancing the look of it and also meeting some people's physical restraints. 
  • It eases the mattress' ventilation. Our body generates heat and humidity, but a box spring helps to air the mattress and clear out the humidity's excess. This is why it's not recommended to put a mattress directly on the floor without a box spring, because the walls and floor's humidity might get inside the mattress and damage it. 

Lilak Collection


  • It cannot be used without a mattress. The ground of a box spring itself is way too stiff to be used alone. 
  • It comes with some additional costs. The price of a box spring varies according to the quality, but is generally a bit less expensive than a mattress. Moreover, a bed raised by a box spring requires additional bedding accessories - as a bedskirt. Don't forget to consider those outgos in your budget. 
  • It may not be compatible with all beds. Not all beds can support a box spring. It is getting even more frequent to find beds that do not require any box spring. The box spring compatible bed might also be more expensive. 

If you decide to use a box spring, make sure to verify its compatibility by checking for example the weight limit of the bed. 

All South Shore Beds do not require any box spring. They were specifically designed to provide a suitable sleeping support, while bringing a modern look. It's the economic solution with all the necessary comfort. 

Lensky Collection

It all depends on your needs and preferences. While shopping your bed, it is always important to verify if a box spring is required or not. 

3. The available material


The metal brings a modern and minimalist look to a bedroom. Metal beds complement many different style. It suits very well the industrial style that's very trendy at the moment, but also the traditional or contemporary styles. They are often available in aluminum, wrought iron, brass, etc. 

Holland Collection

Care advice: Aluminum and wrought iron are really easy to clean - you simply need to wipe it with a wet cloth and finish it with a dry cloth. However, brass metal beds require more frequent maintenance as the metal could oxidize and rust.


The wood is very frequent for a bed and will always remain trendy. Wooden beds are offered in many different type of species as pine, bamboo or rattan. They bring warmth and add poise to a bedroom. Beds made of solid wood might however be more expensive. 

Savannah Collection and Live-It Cozy Sofa

Why using a wooden bed?

  • For its studiness - A wooden bed provides a robust and hard base for the most reassuring solidity.
  • For its durability - When well maintained, wood is a very long lasting material. Moreover, it adapts itself easily through time. It won't ever go out of fashion!

Care advice: It depends on the type of wood. Some kind of wood requires more regular cleaning and special products. Maintaining laminated particle board wood furniture is however very easy: simply wipe it with a dry cloth is generally just fine.

Did you know? There are more economic solutions that look just as good? Laminated particle board furniture for example are just as elegant and trendy. 

Londen Collection

There you go! You are now ready to purchase your bed!

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