A low-cost, designer-style deer head wall mount

by Gabrielle Howard


While foxes are a new thing in the design world, deer have always been seen here and there, in the form of hunting trophies… but that has changed in the past few years, with more and more people including deer or moose heads in their décor. As a big fan of the rustic Country style, I really like any décor that includes deer heads – but I’m NOT a hunter! For those who, like me, aren’t big on hunting, or perhaps if you do hunt but have yet to bag something, I’ve found the perfect solution for making a deer head part of your décor at a low cost. It even blends nicely into a very contemporary décor!

Materials : 

  • 2 foam board panels, 32” X 40”, for a head measuring approximately 16” (L) X 20” (H) X 14” (D)
  • Around 10 sheets of white paper
  • Utility knife (Exacto)
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper – the finest grade available

Step 1

I printed my pattern (actual size) on sheets of white paper, and then used my scissors to cut out each piece.

Step 2

I then traced the outline of each piece on the foam board with my pencil (using a pencil meant that I could erase any marks that remained on the cutouts). Don’t forget to trace the “cracks” – they’ll come in useful later, when you’re putting all the pieces together.

Step 3

Using a utility knife fitted with a new blade (so the cuts I make in the foam board are nice and clean), I then cut out each piece of my pattern. After that, I ran a little sandpaper on the surface of each piece to get a nice-looking finish.

Step 4

I assembled all the pieces, in order (from #1 to #10 – see the image below). The first three pieces are simply placed one over another (with #1 at the bottom). I then used #4 to attach them all together, and finished off by inserting #5 thru #10 into the “cracks” in the head (still going from back to front – so the largest piece is farther back and the smallest is at the front).

So there you have it – a deer head you can mount above your fireplace… and no need to go hunting! Happy DIY!