A Boho Christmas with the Balka collection

by Stéphanie Otis-Hovington


Create yourself your boho Christmas decor! 

We all know it, the bohemian style really is popular this year, and with reason: it inspires nature and relaxation, in addition to taking us on a journey. Now, we offer to take it even further and to incorporate it into your Christmas decorations. Discover our 3 simple DIY that will allow you to put together a smooth and original holiday décor. 

The trendy table runner

Table runners are a must, no matter the style of your Christmas decorations. Create yourself the central element of your table or buffet by using branches of coniferous trees like fir, pine or spruce. This will be an excellent starting point for your boho look. There’s nothing more natural and you can get them for free in the closest forest. Garnish it with candles, pine cones or other decorative items in natural tones to complete your look. 

HOLIDAY TRICK: avoid making your table runner too early. The thorns or you fir can easily detach from the branch when it is very dry. Sometimes, being more last minute pays off! 

The Christmas wreath version 2.0 

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There’s nothing better than a Christmas wreath on your door to set the pace for all the festivities and remind us that Christmas is coming soon. To create your own bohemian Christmas wreath, use vine branches to make its round structure, and add eucalyptus branches on top of them. However, you don’t need to cover all of the vine, it is beautiful on its own. Here’s our suggestion: cover more than half of the vine with the foliage and add some fir branches, delicate white flowers and pine cones for more texture.

Dried fruit garland 

Forget the famous red and green garlands made of paper we used to make in elementary school. In the boho style, we take this DIY to a whole new level with dried oranges. In addition to being cute and stylish, it smells good everywhere in the house! 

All you need is medium size oranges, approximatively 4 meters of thick twine and one wood stick. You can also add star anise or even other pine cones: it’s as you wish! This DIY is so easy to do that even your kids can participate.


  • Preheat the oven to 180F
  • Cut the oranges in approximately 0,70cm strips. 
  • Cook the oranges in the oven on a cooking plate and let them dry for 6 hours inside. The oranges must be brown, but not burnt.
  • Cut 8 to 10 pieces of twine of different length (depending on the size of your wood stick)
  • Thread the twine in the eye of a needle, and then in the orange stripes and other accessories you want to add. When you’re finished, make a knot and cut the twine in surplus. 
  • Repeat the operation for each twine 
  • Attach each garland to equal distance on the wood stick.

There you go! If you have leftovers, you can keep them to hang in your Christmas tree! 

In the end, no matter which accessories you choose for your décor, the important in the boho style is to incorporate nature in it. Opt for soft colors and above all, avoid the typical red and green mix. Merry bohemian Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!