5 rules to follow for a more stylish bookcase

by Émilie Ouellet


1 – Think “variety” when arranging your books. What could be more boring than rows of books, perfectly aligned and standing upright on the shelves? This isn’t your neighborhood library, after all! Go bold! Alternate between vertical and horizontal… and think about putting some of them into baskets.

2 - Arrange items of different heights in groups of three – odd numbers are always popular in decor, and varying the heights is a sure way to add some style!

3- Display your souvenirs. If you have some decorative pieces that mean a lot to you, show them off! For the perfect showcase, place them among your books and other souvenirs.

4- Add some greenery. Plants are a must for any decor, and they’ll add oxygen to your living space.

5- Finish off with some great looking artwork, and you’re all set!

As you can see, there’s no trick to decorating your bookcase with style! And who says it has to be in the living room or den? You could put it in your dining room or kitchen, and use it to keep dishes!

Happy decorating!

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