5 Creative Ideas for Adding More Color into Your Home

by Hazel Claire


Adding color to your home is one way to refresh it, as a touch of color or two can transform your place of comfort from dull to dazzling. Having said that, it is actually quite easy to add color to your humble abode. These creative ideas will get you started:

Get Help from Mother Nature

An easy and affordable way to add color to your home is by bringing nature inside. The simplest approach is to put plants in locations where you want more color. Depending on their kind, plants like pothos, dracaena, and bird’s nest fern can add varying shades of green to any part of the home. For additional colors, choose flowering plants such as bromeliads, African violet, and geranium. But don’t stop there. You can also decorate your room with other natural elements such as stones, pebbles, and seed pods. In other words, collect what nature offers, then get creative with them indoors.

Add colorful furniture

Pieces of furniture are also sources of color. You can mix and match them depending on the look or color gradient you want. You can even move them around for good measure. Give your dining room a pop of color with our Flam chairs that come in a beautiful pastel pink, or classic black and white design. Our Navali changing table will also provide your nursery with a comforting tone, while our lovely Sweet Piggy Dresser, on the other hand, will give any bedroom a refreshing dash of easy-on-the-eyes pastel-colored pink. Now, you don’t necessarily have to buy a set of new furniture. In most cases, a piece or two (or maybe three) will be all you need for that color addition.

Spruce up a wall — or all walls!

Using wallpaper is another surefire way to add pops of color to your home. It sets the tone to your room and can be utilized in any number of ways. You can use it to create an accent wall, for instance, or set the entire color palette of a particular room. Another great thing about wallpapers is that they also have different materials that can add a different touch to the room. Not only are you adding a splash of color, but you're getting a different texture too!

Accentuate something that’s already there

An important use of color is to highlight something that’s already there, like, for example, the spindles of your staircase, or your door, or your flowerpot. What you can do in such case is paint those same individual spindles into a color gradient, repaint your door with colorful designs, and decorate those flowerpots. If you aren't into DIY projects, you can also add colorful pillowcases, bed sheets, or even a throw blanket! Your options are pretty much limitless.

Use art

Adding a beautiful piece of art can also be an excellent and original way to add color to your living room — or any room for that matter. Not only does it add a decorative touch, but it also provides a slew of colors and shapes. But again, don’t stop there. Adorn a wall or two with photos framed in frames of varying colors and designs. Another good way to inject personality into a room, as well as color, is to display your own paintings. Hang that art project and get artsy with your decor!

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to add some color. Remember it can be as simple as adding some plants to buying new furniture. Whatever you decide, color is the way forward.