3 Ways to Decorate a Room with Black Furniture

by Sophie Drouin


They are widespread and versatile, which is why we can use them anywhere in the house; Black furniture pieces (or Ebony) are hot in the bedroom, the home office or the living room.  We used to buy Black furniture to create some drama or a techno look, but fortunately designers have found other vocations for them over time.

Available in the traditional, country, transitional and contemporary styles, Black furniture have something for many people. However it is important to be careful; even in a small size Black furniture is visually imposing and may give the impression a room is smaller than it really is.  Black furniture may also feel cold if not paired with the right colors.

But the right color should always be the one you like above all. You must find a fabric that inspires you and in this fabric you will find the wall colo rand the accent colors for deco.  That being said, not all colors have the same ''magic''. Here are some examples to illustrate my point.

If you have Black furniture and feel like a sober & classic décor, you can go with greys on the walls; it’s trendy and it is easy to add touches of pink, red, yellow, orange, lime green or turquoise (everything is possible, it depends on the chosen fabrics).

If you have the same Black furniture but want a chic, glamorous décor like the stars, you can use a dark and deep purple to which you may add some grey, stainless accessories and jewel like decorative objects. All this will bring richness to the room as long as it is not too small or gloomy (noone wants a dungeon even if it’s a chic one).

Finally, for a vibrant room with Black furniture, you may turn to yellow shades (not too orange, but rather tangy) which will illuminate and energize at the same time.

With these different ways to decorate, it is easy to see that everything is not black or white!