3 reasons why the Vietti bar is multifunctional

by Alexandra Desilets


A piece that creates buzz

Summer is finally here, with plans for BBQs, poolside fun, and patio parties. The bar cabinet with bottle storage from our Vietti collection is ideal for this kind of event. It’s a versatile piece that’s sure to inspire you – a great way to stock the fixings for your dream cocktails, or indulge your passion for great vintages.

1. Adjustable shelves, to suit your preferences

The diagonal shelves can be adjusted the way you like them. Specialized storage spaces, designed specifically for wine and liquor bottles, can hold everything you need to entertain large groups of friends. The shelves can be used to stock 32 wine bottles (two in each small square space, six in each triangular space).

2. Great for storage – place it anywhere!

This piece is versatile: all you need to do is take out the diagonal shelves… and voilà! It’s now a storage unit for your entryway or living room, with handy drawers for storing accessories.

3. Useful for patio entertaining

The Vietti bar cabinet features storage space and drawers, where you can keep serving dishes, utensils, plates, and glasses for wining and dining your guests. This oh-so-handy piece comes with a damage resistant vinyl coated top tray. 


Available in 2 colors and 2 sizes.