3 essential tips to prepare your child for a move

by Émilie Ouellet


House moving is a very important change. It’s the beginning of a new project, and the end of others. And who says change, also says renew and upheaval. As an adult, it might be stressful, but we always make it through by being able to see the change from its good side. For a child however, the situation is different. Often, the child might become anxious and left without landmarks, because he does not have control over the situation.

Here are 3 tips on how to prepare your child for a move and help her/him to go through this change:

1. Involve your child : he will feel helpful and participating

Here are 2 activities for kids:

  • Help sorting out

Your child can help sorting out objects, accessories and toys. He will also be able to identify himself the stuff he would like to keep, donate or trash. 

To turn the exercise playful, prepare 3 boxes identified with the different labels: to keep, donate and trash. 

Download the sorting labels here

  • Personalized boxes

Transform your child’s boxes into personalized boxes! Download a drawing here

Your child will be able to color his boxes labels. Who says house moving couldn’t be fun?

Having your child participate to your move’s preparation will not only make him feel involved, but also important.

  • Any other related task

Children from all age can help their own way. To feel involved, your kids can do simple tasks on the D-day. Here are some examples:

- Emptying his boxes

- Placing his pillows and decoration

- Helping cleaning

Use our Storage Baskets to ease your child’s participation in organizing his belongings. 

Your oldest children can also share precious moments with their parents by helping with more difficult tasks, as painting. 

2. Comfort him

There are many children’s books talking about the subject. Reading some of them to your child will calm him down and will help to reassuring him. Download the story of ShouShou just here, a little fox quite angry to know he will be house moving soon. Your child will most likely be at ease to express his worries and tell what is bothering him. 

3. Turn the new home inviting

Let's talk about what will be new and the good side of it!

Create an enthusiasm regarding his new bedroom by letting him choose the colors of the walls, the accessories, etc. Determine the colors and the room theme of his future bedroom by shopping together furniture, decoration accessories as decorative pillows or even a new bedding set!

We performed the exercise with 4 children and the results are surprising. See the results and watch them talk about it here!