3 characteristics to consider when buying a changing table

by Anne-Sophie Toussaint


When you’re parent for the first time, it’s normal to feel a bit lost while shopping for the right changing table. Since it will be used every day, it’s even more important to be informed and choose the one that best suits your needs. To help you find the perfect changing table, here are the main characteristics you should always consider while making your choice.

A removable top – a key element

It’s not a secret, children grow quickly. ‘’Evolving’’ furniture is THE best solution to avoid having to make new purchases constantly. During the transition from baby to child’s bedroom, a changing table with a removable top will allow you to easily remove the mattress and top to transform it into a chest. It’s simple and it leaves no trace! And since at South Shore, our furniture is designed to last, you can easily complete your little one’s bedroom with a bed or a bedside table the same color as the dresser. This way, you save time and money by reusing part of the same furniture!

Additional advantage: by opting for a large changing table, like the one from our Admiral collection, you will be able to choose where to place the rim on the surface: on the center or the left or right side. It’s useful for left-handers, who will finally have a piece of furniture suitable for them and for parents who want to put the changing table on the corner of their nursery!

Types of storage - open, closed or with baskets

Storage is essential to have a functional changing table. Because as you know, babies need a lot of things: diapers, lotions, powder, clothes and more. To meet your needs (and those of your baby!), there are changing tables with several types of storage: open, closed or with baskets.

Open storage allows you to easily access spare wipes, comforters, and pajamas without taking your eyes off baby, while closed storage allows you to hide and organize items inside the drawers. It is up to you to choose whether you prefer to have open and more accessible storage, or closed, but with the products out of sight. Another option may be to choose a changing table with baskets. This original (and very trendy) type of configuration will allow you to transport toys or any other essential elsewhere in the house. It’s also possible to select a changing table with open storage and add the baskets of your choice.

Several sizes - for all needs

Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked when purchasing a changing table is its size. We don’t want a piece of furniture that will seem lost in a large room, or on the opposite, one that will clutter up the nursery. If you have a smaller space, a more compact changing table will allow you to have a place to change your baby’s diaper and put things away without losing too much space. Otherwise, a more spacious one, like the one from our Lensky collection, will be very suitable in rooms of a more standard dimension. Its strong point is that it has additional space on the surface to store more products or to put your baby’s favorite toy in it.

If you have enough room in baby’s nursery for a large changing table, don’t hesitate and spoil yourself! The dimensions are the same as a double dresser, and you will have enough space on the surface and in the drawers for diapers, clothes, and toys.

Finally, what should be remembered is that the first step in your purchasing process is to define your need to make a smart choice. Whether it’s the removable top, the different types of storage or the size of your changing table, all these characteristics are to be considered so that you never have to leave your baby when changing diapers and above all, to facilitate your daily life.