2020 Trends: what’s "in" and "out" in interior design this year

by Stéphanie Otis-Hovington


In interior design, trends come and go pretty fast. And sometimes so much that it can become quite hard to follow. Each year, new trends appear and other ones suddenly seem a little less nice than before. To help you keep up, we made you a real guide on what’s IN and OUT in 2020 – that way, you’ll be able to start your decoration project well rested, knowing you are well equipped.

IN: vintage/retro inspired furniture 

We say that everything becomes trendy again one day. Well, it’s time for the 50s and 60s style to make a comeback. This year, we particularly love furniture with warm colors and vintage details, like hairpin legs. It’s also the great comeback of gilding and velvet, which were also a big hit at the time. The chic and glam style, it’s a big yes!

 OUT: a too excessive industrial style


The days of the industrial style that made all our rooms look like old factories are over.  You don’t need to have big pipes everywhere in your decor to be trendy! But attention, that doesn’t mean that the industrial is completely dead. If you like this type of decors, you can still incorporate it into your rooms, but in a more discreet way. Avoid overly robust materials and choose some that are more refined, like matte black finishes or brass. You’ll get a more urban décor that will last through time.

OUT: cool colors


In the last few years, grey and cool white tones really were really popular. Now, we prefer warm natural colors to the white and grey tones that feel too much impersonal.  These last colors aren’t totally banned, but we prefer when they tend towards taupe or cream.

IN: curves 

Straight and symmetrical lines have reigned for a long time, but in 2020, curves are making a true comeback! The rectilinear trend is slowly softening: we like more and more mixing it with accessories and furniture with sinuous contours, for a diversified result. It's time to add a round mirror, lamp or chair to your decor!

OUT: using one accent color


We’ve all already seen a room that has the same color on ALL of its accessories: curtains, cushions, lamps, blankets… For the new decade, we stop using only one color to create accents. We rather vary by combining several tones that go well together to get a personalized and homogenous look.

IN: Pantone’s ‘’Classic blue’’ 

Photo credit: @pantone on Instagram

Classic blue is the color of year according to Pantone. Elegant and timeless, this blue will give an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere in every room it’s in. Incorporate it to your room by painting your walls or by choosing accessories of that color. If you feel bold, you can even choose classic blue for your couch or your kitchen cabinets!

OUT: bright red


During the last decade, bright red was over used in North America’s living rooms and dining rooms. Today, if this color is still trendy, we like way more red that tend toward earth tones or even brown. These will warm your rooms to give them a chic and distinguished ambience.

 But finally, what’s important is to follow your own taste to create a decor to your image in which you will enjoy spending time in. We really hope this article will inspire you and above all, that it will guide you to create your new decor this year