2020 Trends: These pieces of furniture that will update your decor to today's trend

by Anne-Sophie Toussaint


Who says new decade, says new decor. Indeed, with the arrival of a new year, we often want a touch of novelty: what’s better than a change of decor for a fresh start? No need to get involved on large renovation projects to add a WOW effect to a room! We offer you several items that will completely transform the style of your room all by to make it look like a trendy magazine decor.

Maliza glass coffee table and bar cart – A dreamy glam look 

If you like a chic and sophisticated look, you will love this year’s new glam trend!  A touch of gold or chrome to your decor can completely change your favorite room. The unique colors of our Maliza coffee table and trolley-bar will bring a festive and elegant atmosphere into your environment. Their sparkling gold or chrome accents will make you feel like you are in a luxury New York apartment and that, we love!



Balka TV stand and side table – A zen and warm bohemian decor 

Bohemian style is THE emerging trend of the hour: it makes you travel, in addition to giving a vibrant and eclectic touch to any decor. But how do you add this style without having to travel to the other end of the world to get unique items? It’s very simple: by opting for furniture with patterns or textures. The TV stand and coffee table from our Balka collection will set the tone for your living room and certainly won’t go unnoticed. This furniture with rattan print will transport you to the other side of the world, in addition to rejuvenating your family room.



Slendel side table –A refined Scandinavian look 

Scandinavian style is still very much in vogue in 2020. Our new Slendel side table with very thin legs is perfect to add a clean and warm touch to your room. Plus, this table can do as well in the living room as in the bedroom given its classic and timeless style. And in addition to adding originality, it also offers storage. This shows it is not necessary to make a complete makeover to revive a room: the simple addition or replacement of a side table can give a breath of freshness to a decor.

Flam chairs – The‘’POP’’ of color you need

You have a dining room or an office that lacks originality and you want to add a touch of spice without having to change everything? Little tip: just change the chairs in the room to add a touch of style. The great thing about our Flam chairs is that you can choose the seat and legs you want to create your own custom chair, depending on the style you prefer. Scandinavian, modern, glamorous… there is something for everyone! Let your creativity come out in your dining room’s decor, and it will appeal to more than one.

And there you are, you now have all the tools to carry out a small transformation in the furniture of your house and thus, start the year on the right foot. For an even more complete look, opt for other simple and inexpensive means, such as adding new cushions or new paint on a wall. You’ll see, you’ll have a whole new decor in the blink of an eye. 

Happy shopping, and happy New Year!